Wednesday, December 03, 2008

COE prices bounce back

COE (Certificate of Entitlement) prices for Category A bounced back from the low of $2 in the previous bidding. When the tender closed for December 2008 1st Open Bidding Exercise on 03 Dec 2008 16:00 hrs, the COE prices for the Category A vehicles went up to $7,721.

Latest COE Prices (for information only):
Category A: The available quota of COE for Category A, Cars (1600cc & below) and Taxi, is 1840. There were, in total, 3149 bids when the tender closed. The tender closed at S$7,721. The increase in COE and the number of bids is attributed to the sudden increase in the interest shown by car buyers due to the previous $2 COE.

Category B: 1411 bids were received for the available quota of 1100 cars (above 1600 cc) in category B. The bid closed at $6501.

Category C: 374 bids were received at COE price of $5212 for a quota of 267 Goods vehicle & bus

Category D: The COE for motorcycles finished at $1102. Quota - 414; Bids received - 640

Category E: The Open category closed at $7589. Quota - 761; Bids - 1337

For details, please refer to COE Open Bidding website


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