Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Universal Studios, Sentosa, Singapore: Photos

Universal Studios is a recent addition to the attractions of the vibrant Singapore city. Located at the Sentosa island, Universal Studios attracts huge crowd of tourists. Opened to public early this year, Universal Studios has quietly started to attract people. In spite of its earlier setback which led to the halt of the huge roller-coaster ride "Battlestar Galactica", Universal Studios still remains popular among tourists.

Battlestar Galactica has not resumed its operations yet, but there are other attractions for you to enjoy a whole day. I went to Universal Studios on a day, when it was pouring down heavily in Singapore. But, I could not cancel my trip as I have already booked the tickets online. A word of advice for everyone: please book your tickets online or through phone booking. Else, you may be in for a surprise as Universal Studios has a limit on the number of tickets issued on a day.

The following are some of the photos I took inside Universal Studios. The photos might look a bit dark as it was completely cloudy the whole day. I could not see any sunshine that day. In fact, afternoon was just pleasant with no sun. It didn't look like I was in Singapore. It was as good as my visit to Genting Highlands couple of years ago. Please enjoy my photos.

Universal Studios, Sentosa, Singapore

Photo taken just after entering Universal Studios

Huge Tree Structure at Universal Studios, Singapore


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