Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama and McCain in Singapore

Our congrats to the new President-elect Mr. Barack Obama, who made history by becoming the first African-American to lead America. Our wishes to Mr. John McCain, who came close in popular votes in spite of everything stacked against him. Obama's younger feel combined with the economic crisis and unpopular Bush government has led to the fall of McCain. He tried to distance himself from Bush' policies, but in vain. Obama has won, but the real battle starts from now. He has made it to the helm at the toughest possible time. He need to bail US, and the world, out of the current financial turmoil. He needs to get his act together quickly regarding the policies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hope we will become one of the great Presidents. Our wishes to him.

What are they doing in Singapore?
Yesterday, I was at the Bugis Junction and took by surprise when I saw advertisements displaying Barack Obama and John McCain. Naturally, I got interested and got closer to take a look.

Barack Obama

I am not the only one to be surprised. I could see many taking pictures of the advertisement and I even noticed youngsters posing besides Obama with a victory "V" sign.

John McCain

The cool advertisement can be seen at "Hip Diner USA" restaurant at Basement B1 of Bugis Junction.

Hip Diner USA, Bugis Junction

Great timely idea, well received by Singaporeans. This is the first time I noticed that an American restaurant exists in Bugis Junction.


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