Friday, April 18, 2008

Singapore’s Happiest Person

What is happiness? Having a Mercedes? Living in a condo with a sea view? Holding the position of CEO? Happiness is a very subjective term. We always feel that someone with higher living standards is always happy. Is that true? Is happiness related to money, property or your position in the society?

The two-day conference on “The New Science of Happiness and Well-Being” concluded yesterday at the Singapore Expo Convention & Exhibition Centre. The conference concentrated on how to utilize the science of positive psychology to good effect.

As part of the conference, a month long search was conducted to identify the Singapore’s Happiest Person. The contest attracted 207 nominations from Singaporeans. From this list of nominations, four persons were short listed by the selection panel that consisted of Dr Sorinder Singh (Singapore Family Physician for 33 years), Mr. Najib Ali (Creative Director, Dua M Pte Ltd), Dr. Leong Chan-Hoong (Head of Psychology Programme, SIM University) and Lord Bittleson of Newnham (Author, Business and Personal Mentor).

The finalists included patient transporter Ms. Stella Fernandez, 43, training consultant Ms. Zaibun Siraj, 61, polyclinic records-keeper Mr. Ng Chai Lee, 61, and engineer Mr. Andy Goh, 34. The contestants are expected to have a happy smiling disposition, ability to be happy no matter what life presents them with, have a strong sense of community and belonging, stays consistently happy and contributes to society by bringing happiness to others.

Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club
In the finals yesterday, Mr. Andy Goh, the youngest among the finalists, won the Singapore’s Happiest Person award along with a 3D2N stay at the Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club worth $2,240 and $200 cash. The second-placed Mr. Ng Chai Lee won a 3D2N stay at Thailand’s Hua Hin Marriott Resort worth $648. The other two finalists tied for the third place that fetched them both a 2D1N stay at the Ritz Carlton Millennia Singapore worth $410.

The secret to happiness seems to be remaining content with what you have. Happiness lies in making others happy. Happiness lies in cherishing your loved ones. Be Happy!


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