Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Singapore: A place to live, work and play

Merlion at SingaporeSingapore is a small country situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, just above the equator. Singapore is about one degree north of the equator with a land area of about 685 square kilometres. Living conditions in Singapore are amongst the best in Asia with state-of-the art facilities for education, sports, shopping and recreation.

Strategic location, coupled with a small but dynamic population, has enabled the country to experience rapid economic development. Many factors such as political and social stability, good communication, world class transportation, infrastructure and an English-speaking workforce have attracted foreign investment and multi-national corporations to Singapore. Singapore is also a regional centre for business and technical consultancy, professional, engineering and computer services, and research and development activities.

Singapore SkylineThe rich cultural heritage of Singapore has also made her a strong attraction to tourists from all parts of the world. Singapore is known as a shopper’s paradise - you can find a full range from arts and crafts, antiques, electronic goods, computer software to fashion. Find what you want at Mustafa Centre, Sim Lim Tower, Funan Centre, Ngee Ann City, Tangs, Robinsons or at your favourite neighbourhood shops.

The racial harmony in Singapore is a rarity in today’s world. In Singapore, you can see Hindu temples, Sikh temples, Churches, Mosques and Buddhist temples. Indians can get a feel of their home at Little India, Chinese has China town, Malays at Geylang Serai, Filipinos assemble at Lucky Plaza and the Thais have their own at Golden Mile Complex.

Singapore will offer visitors a culinary experience of a lifetime - distinctive dishes from the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian, Nonya, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino and Western culture can all be sampled here. Restaurants can be found alongside the extensive hawker centres around the island.

Images in this post: Courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board


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