Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good News for Ganguly's supporters

If you are a cricket crazy Indian fan, certainly you would not have stopped thinking about one of the most successful Indian captain Sourav Ganguly. It doesn't matter whether you support him or you are against him, you will agree that he was treated very badly. His case could have been dealt with a bit more professionalism.

In my opinion, Greg wanted to prove a point when he took over the responsibilities of the Indian coach. He was helped by Ganguly's inconsistency. Greg got through and in came Rahul Dravid, the new Indian captain. He performed admirably well after taking over the captaincy.

Now, Ganguly needs to prove a point before getting into the team. He tried to do that by blaming Dalmiya for all the chaos that surrounded his infamous dropping from the team. So, it is clearly a sign that he wants to get on with the game with the support of the coach, and keep away from Board politics.

The recent team selection to Sri Lanka is baffling. Why should they fall back to Dinesh Mongia? He was tried many times. He was not that great. I would have been happy if the selectors gave a chance to Ganguly. His experience would help in the one-day version and would be really handy in the preparations to the World cup next year.

Finally, there is some good news to Sourav's supporters. You can read the article from Deccan Chronicle which reports that "Dada may be among the probables for the Champions Trophy". Good luck Sourav!


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