Saturday, July 08, 2006

Know about fruits

Here are some interesting facts about the fruits we consume in our everyday life:

  • We all know that banana relieves constipation. Would you be surprised if you come to know that banana also controls diarrhea? A high banana intake during diarrhea increases butyric acid concentration in the colon and thereby inhibits the growth of B.Coli.
  • Ripe mango is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C and of course calories too. Consuming ripe mangoes in season may provide an excellent store of Vitamin A in liver, which may be used for the following year.
  • Common citrus fruits are orange, tangerine, sweet lime, grapes and sour lime. Juices of citrus fruits are refreshing drinks throughout the year. They are very rich in Vitamin C. They also increase the efficiency of iron digestion and absorption.
  • Papaya fruits are excellent sources of Vitamin A. Papaya seeds possess antihelminthic properties. Unripe papaya is a rich source of papain, an enzyme capable of digesting protein. Hence, raw papaya is used during cooking to soften meat or dhal.
  • Amla (Gooseberry) and Guava are fertile sources of Vitamin C. Ripe guava is helpful in treating constipation.
  • Boiled apples and pomegranates are advised in diarrhea, but there is no scientific proof yet. Pomegranate has a good source of iron and fibre.

Take fruits everyday. As far as possible, eat whole fruits and consume fresh juices.


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